Heat Works was set up in 2020 as Ireland’s first not-for-profit energy utility.

It is fully owned and operated by South Dublin County Council.

As a local energy company, our vision is to transform the heat industry and be the supplier to trust. As a business we value being able to provide:

1. A secure supply of low-carbon, locally-sourced heat and hot water available on demand
2. High quality customer service
3. Environmental benefits through carbon savings and air quality improvements

As the first not-for-profit, local authority-owned heat utility in Ireland, Heat Works intends to be an exemplar heat network business in Ireland, delivering economic, environmental, and social benefits for residents and businesses.

It will become a prominent part of the county’s identity, supporting the local and national climate action plans by reducing its carbon footprint and helping make South Dublin a better place to live, work and visit.

Initially, our work will centre on the Tallaght District Heating Scheme, which has just been completed; heat started to be delivered to customers at the beginning of 2023, marking the much-needed phase-out of gas.

The Tallaght network will utilise waste-heat from a recently completed data centre and, in the first phase, will supply the County Hall and Library complex, Technical University of Dublin Tallaght campus, and Innovation Centre (currently under construction). Pipes have also been installed for a nearby Affordable Apartment scheme.

Design, construction, and subsequent operations and maintenance are contracted with Fortum, a Finnish multi-national energy-supply company, for a period of 10 years.

Phase 2 and expansion of the scheme to include other heat sources and further customers in Tallaght is currently in the planning stages.

Our Network

Find out more about the Heat Works network, which will initially supply low-carbon heat to a range of public and private buildings in the Tallaght area.